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You can have only one beer or wine, and one liquor/ cocktail until January 1, 2020. In any quantity that suits you, of course. What's your poison?
Jack is a good choice. Or Sam Adams.
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Understood- I waste money on amps*, too.
Not crazy about alcohol, but gin is nice. And really bitter herbal liqueurs.

And it's not like you could go wrong with a pint of beer.
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I tend to go for the slightly sweeter stuff, so I'd probably stick with cider. Which in the UK refers to the hard stuff, not just to apple juice. I also have a bottle of mead with a hint of ginger I picked up at Hampton Court which I quite like and one of Jack Daniels Honey. I'd be good with either of them.

And on the subject of alcohol, does someone want to suggest a good scotch to try? Being part Scottish, I feel slightly obligated.
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Maker's Mark 46 Bourbon. Lots of it. And ice cubes. You've got to have the ice cubes.

If you like scotch, then you can;t go wrong with anything from Glenmorangie.
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i've come to appreciate shiner more and more as i've gotten older. i can't do any of the highbrow beers, but shiner is a nice compromise between being smooth and tart and tasting like someone put a cigarette out in it

then liquor i've started to really like jameson. it puts some chest on my chest
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I'd need to find a new job if this was a rule. I've cut down on booze a lot but I do sample hundreds of beers and spirits a year for work.
So, smb, what exactly is your position? And to think ive been PAYING to drink all those beers, instead of being PAID...
I'm a bar manager. The pay is crap and the hours are antisocial but I do get invited to a lot of tastings and sent a lot of samples. For example I was working on a signature gin cocktail for a bar last year and tried around 150 gins before I was happy with the drink
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The one

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That is a really nice beer And the Ralph Steadman art just adds to the experience.
My new favorite is Maumee Bay Brewing Company's Glass City Pale Ale. Delicious. Highly recommended if you can find it in your area.
I could be fine with just Elysian Men's Room Black or Rogue Dead Guy Ale. Salish Sea's IPA and Hobgoblin come close though.

And I suppose Bulleit Rye would work for me too.

No that I'd ever want to limit myself to just those.
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I've developed a taste for Campari and Negronis lately. Maybe I'm just turning into a bitter old person

If you have a taste for digestifs and you want a bit of a longer drink, try an Aperol Spritz, I got hooked on them in Venice. Get a large glass 1 of Aperol, 2 of soda and 3 of Prosecco; lotsa ice, a cockatil olive, wedge of blood orange.

I could put Prosecco down as my forever drink but the amount of gas with the alcohol turns me into Rick Sanchez.

I like Negronis too, they're always the cheapest cocktail on the list.
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Baby's first bourbon. We're bass players, we're better than that.

I think I'd go for some kind of gin for general drinking, maybe Twisted Nose because it's nice neat or in a wide range of drinks. For special occasions I'd have the Siren and Magic Rock collaboration from a few years ago, MRS Brown. Barrel aged brown ale with vanilla, maple syrup and pecan. I don't think many bottles of it still exist, unfortunately.. I'd pay a fair bit for one if I could find it
I try not to be a beer or liquor snob. If someone passes me a bottle, I'm taking a sip. If you hand me a 40 oz of malt liquor in a paper bag, I wouldn't turn it away...(I've done both. Many times.) However, I tend to prefer midrange liquor; Crown, Patron, Tito's, etc.
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Of course we're offended by that overpriced alcopop. We have standards.

We're bass players talking about booze on a forum. Clearly, we have no standards!
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley
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We're bass players talking about booze on a forum. Clearly, we have no standards!

Or maybe we have the best standards.
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Or maybe we have the best standards.

Standards interfere with drinking. They make you pass on alcohol for snooty reasons. To a bassist, that is sacrilegious.
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley
I'm not too snooty, but I find that stuff below $10 for any liquor is generally pretty nasty unless you mix it with a lot of something.
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Understood- I waste money on amps*, too.
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Give me a good Whisky any day. Current poison is Johnnie Walker Black Label. Next up will be something Japanese.
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Some surprisingly good boozings in Tesco today:

They've also got Dale's Pale Ale which is far better but I've had enough of that for a while.
Its so odd to see Anchor Steam beer on a shelf across the pond.  I remember when that beer was pretty much local to the San Francisco Bay area. and our go to beer in the late 80s / early 90s. 

We get a few of the Brew Dogs here; I've had their Punk IPA at our local pub.
After Punk IPA, Anchor Steam is probably the most common craft beer available. Its actually my favourite summer beer.

As for other American brands, we get: Anchor, Founders, Flying Dog, Stone, Sierra Nevada (Torpedo is the bomb), Oskar Blues, Tailgate, etc. If you get mainy European brands then you need to look out for Magic Rock, Beavertown (my favourite after Flying Dog) and Mikkeller. Mikkeller will be expensive but it will probably be the best beer you've ever had, especially if you like sours and pick up a 'Spontan..." or something.
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