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True story.  I was once at a pub and someone ordered a Bud Light and a glass of ice.  Yes, they had a Bud Light over ice.  Because watered down beer was WAY too strong tasting for them, so they had to water it down even more...
*Nelson voice*

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Understood- I waste money on amps*, too. is the answer
How do you pour beer over ice without it all exploding? I'll admit to trying that with a shandy on a hot day once, the results were messy.

Tonight is a gin night. Gin and Soundgarden.

Tanqueray Export.
Better bets to freeze the glasses ahead of time.  Nothing better than a frosty mug.

Tonight is also Soundgarden in my abode.  But I don't have gin so its rye all night long
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Founders KBS. Probably the best breakfast stout, the best coffee stout, the best scotch ale and the best imperial stout; all rolled into one.

It's not quite Gonzo but it'll do.
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