i have managed to own both pedals recently and tried them with my band (rock to hard-rock covers). I am posting this thread here since i have not seen many direct and objective comparisons of the two pedals.

So i can start with the fact that both pedals are very good pedals and do what they are supposed to do quite well. Their differences lie in some details that i would like to post below and are also the reasons that made me get the pinnacle also.

- The Suhr Riot is a quite hot distortion pedal with lost of gain and does its job very well. It is well defined (compared to other BOSS (such as DS-1, ST-2 etc) or the RAT) that i have tried. As said it can offer from overdrive up to heavy distortion. I have noticed however some issues to make your sound really cut-through a complex mix in hard-rock covers (a band with two guitars, keys, bass and drums). This is what made me try the Pinnacle (see below). On the good side we can say that this pedal provides a good level of high gain without too much compression hearable (at least to my ears).
- The Wampler Pinnacle from the first moment made a quite well difference in sound clarity. I am not saying that this is a better pedal overall, but for sure it is more defined even in high gains. The pinnacle for sure offers even more gain levels than the Suhr Riot but what really makes the difference is this "contour" knob. With this we can adjust the level of mids in our mix and thus it is very versatile in setting your desired "cut-through" levels in any mix. This pedal is a bit more hard to use since you need to combine volume, gain, tone and contour (mids) with the vintage/modern switch that make a lot of difference indeed to your sound. On top of this, you can also adjust the boost switch that offers an even more boosted distortion (with a slight increase in volume also). The possibility to combine all the above make this pedal a lot more versatile that Riot provided that you have the time and patience to try different combinations and really get to know the pedal well. In terms of compression especially with the boost ON, there sound here is well more compressed than the Riot.

Overall, i would definitely suggest to try both pedals but I tend to like more the Pinnacle due to the sound versatility that it offers and the cut-through capabilities that it provides (of course resulting into a more complex pedal operation and more flight hours needed). I would very much like to make a video/sound comparison of the two since there is no such video on youtube but I have really limited time at this time. Maybe I will post something later.