I finaly did something I was thinking about for years. My own guitar orientet instrumental piece arragend for a full band.
And now Iam interested about the opinion of other muscians.
Here is it:
Are those the original pickups on that guitar? Anyhow, you have a clean style. Not normally what I would listen to but I enjoyed it. Got any other tracks?
Hi. Glad you like it.
Yes, these are stock pickups. Just modified for push/pulling for singles. But I think only humbuckers were used in this track.
And I dont have any whole band pieces so far. Just started my first studio in the autumn. Only some minimalistic parts like this: .
But I definitely want to record more. I already have comoposed another one and just recording it.

And here is another one. This time, i tried to combine classical guitar, electric guitar and accoustic with metal strings.