Poll: Do you guys have your right hand on the bridge of the guitar when you are plying ?
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Hey guys, Im having some problems with my right hand, when im playing on the bass strings, my hand is in a bad angle and doesnt allow me to play fast which leads me to question - do you guys have your hand on the bridge when you are playing ? Even on Bass strings? Or do you have your hand just on the body of the guitar?
I had to pick up my guitar to see what I actually do haha
i found that i'm actually all over the place............
for a more fuller, 'trebley' sound i strum close to the bridge, so my hand is usually resting under it.
So I guess it's situational.

However when you are learning, some people nitpick positioning. On a stratocaster the part of the body where you rest your hand on is tilted for comfort. I'd say if you want to make a rule out of it, that area of the guitar would be the best place for arm positioning. It doesn't matter if your hand is touching the bridge or not, when you need to touch the bridge(palm muting, etc idk) you can, its not that far.

But if you are learning guitar, in the long run your right hand is going to be playing up and down the guitar to get the right tone that you want. If playing fast is your problem it might not be because of the angle specifically, there are tons of other factors.
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you just have to practice like a mad man till you build up muscle memory and playing fast feels natural
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