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This is a 500w powered mixer with 2 15" speakers that we want to put vocals through.

I am wondering if this will be loud enough for our band practice. We have acoustic drums, 2 marshall half stacks and a 100w 15" bass amp and they are all played loud, with the stacks just below half vol.

We could have the speakers close to us for volume reasons..

Would this be loud enough at a high level for us to hear the vocals well?

pgskbb If you are just using it for practice, that is plenty. Are you trying to use it as a gigging PA as well? Really I would just buy a smaller powered wedge just for band practicing monitoring if you are just using it for the vocals and save some money.
what you need is a new amp
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Will Lane you might be right then, we dont put on our own shows, we use the venue's system so its just for practice. What wattage and speaker size/number do you reckon will be loud enough for a pretty loud pair of amps and drums?