I have different guitars set up for different things. The thing is, I have a Schecter guitar with a floyd rose bridge (no floyd rose special) that I love the look of, but I find myself never using it. The reason why is pretty simple. I just hate changing strings on a floyd rose bridge and tuning. I tend to just keep it in E standard because I can't be bothered to go into drop D or something. It's a nice guitar, jumbo frets and a nice feel. It's the only guitar in my arsenal with a floyd rose bridge but I truly haven't bothered to learn how to set it up. The part that gets me is keeping the bridge parallel to the body of the guitar. I have such a big problem keeping the bridge to stay and not go too low or too high while tuning. Is it worth learning properly? is this always just going to be a hassle?
If you want to change tunings with the floyd just block the trem. Personally the OFR is my favorite bridge for feel and tuning stability.
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Of the guitars I play most often, most have Floyds. I love them for LP-style guitars because the damned things stay in tune, where it can be a hassle keeping a standard LP in tune while playing. I've also got two Variax JTV-89F's, which are superstrats with Floyds.

I've learned to restring all of them pretty quickly; once you know how and practice it a few times, it's a piece of quiche. It took a good tech to provide my "aha!" moment, but since then I can clip the strings, pull the bridge, clean and polish the guitar, restring the bridge and then put it back on the guitar (yeah, you heard that last part right).

You're not going to play with alternate tunings on these guitars; you're either going to buy several guitars and tune each, individually, to a different tuning, or you're going to do what I did and buy the JTV-89Fs. Those guitars, via the Variax firmware, allow you to set virtually any alternate tuning you want up to an octave up or down from whatever the string is tuned to, and you don't change the tension on the strings. A bunch are already set up at the factory and available with the rotation of a knob, but you can set almost anything within a few seconds.

I'm in the minority as a metal guitarist that plays Jacksons, but only plays TOM string thru bridges.
I avoid the Floyd.