Hi guys, I'm looking for a good practice amp to buy. So far, I have two options.
1. Marshall MG15CF
2. Blackstar ID Core 10W

Marshall is 15Watt which is certainly louder than Blackstar. But Blackstar has a built in reverb, delay effects and a USB port which makes recording much easier without having to buy a mic and interface. I would definitely like to record my riffs. I'm mostly going to play Rock, Punk and Metal (Green Day, Avenged Sevenfold etc)

So what do you guys recommend from the above mentioned options.
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I'd go with a Peavey Vypyr VIP 1.
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Is this going to be your only amp? Or do you have a "main" amp for most applications and this would be limited to practice/backup?

For a backup or practice amp that is cheap, the previously recommended peavey vypyr is a good option. For more money some great low wattage can be had that will fill your practice needs as well as recording and gigging applications. The peavey 6505 mini head packs some serious punch in a small package. Long term, that would likely serve you better than the Vypyr if you are willing to forego the on board effects.
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I recommend a Fender Mustang 1.2. I've had nothing but good experiences with the modeling software, and it comes with tons of pedal effects. The FUSE software is awesome. The modeling is superb and each amp responds very realistically
Plugged into a Spider V 60. Earlier today. These are not the spider's of yesterday. The presets are still a bit over the top like Line 6 always does,but it took me less then 5 mins to get some decent tones oiut of it. Don't know about the 30, but the 60 would have been worth the money.
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