I'm way over my head with this project and could use some expertise! Turning my Telecaster into a custom deluxe... thing... I have all the parts, but I'm stuck on the wiring. What I'm going for:

Humbucker neck (single conductor)
Trembucker bridge (4 conductor)
Wired in series
2 volume knobs (no tone or switch)

Each volume controlling bridge and neck respectively. So far I'm checking out this series wiring diagram, but need it with two volumes no tone. My head is spinning. Appreciate any suggestions or help.

-New guy

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dont think u can wire single conductor to a 4 c pickup to be in series.
the single conductor got hot and ground lines, the 4 c got hot, ground , series link and a "enter" green line.
the best i can think of is conect the bridge pickup as shown , with the hot (black) wire to the ground of the neck pickup (tho i dont think this will work)
the second best is forget series and do seperate - eatch pickup to its own volume , then ground the volume pots to eatchoder , and wire bouth hot lines to jack , and the ground ones to the jack ground .

p.s. iff u do my diagram , u can lead from any volume pot the ground line (iff u conected both volume pots to eatchoder) to jack.
Many thanks. With wiring them separately, will they run as full humbuckers? Guess i don't fully understand series vs parallel. I'm getting some new 500k pots today. Going to start experimenting.
yeah, it shoud work , when u bring the volume on bridge pickup down just the neck pickup will be heard and vice versa. Cool thing while in "middle" (bouth volumes up) you can control the dominance of pickups.(witch one will be more heard)
the only bad thing is that when bouth volumes ar up it will be mutch louder than when one is closed
(with the sistem u asked for u basicly got a volume switch between neck and bridge, and the hump is right in the middle)