I made a lot of tabs, and each times it's not practical to don't have a tool for modify the strings, so i made one with notepad++, a free notepad editor.
I try many soft before, free and Paying, but no one is comfortable to use and don't make what we want, here.
I use macro's for add, replace or delete strings number in the beginning of the bars, as you know UG now oblige to have them on the tab we submit.

What you can do :
You can automatically add the tuning for guitar and bass , standard and dropped for now.
Erase the || or repeat sign "o" (from guitar pro export)
Add different section : [intro] [Verse] ...
Finish the line with |

Just place the cursor in the beginning of the bar, and select the desire macro or shortcut. It's simple and quick.

Here is an example :

I can have instantly a clean bar like the first one with the others.

Here the link to the file http://sd-2.archive-host.com/membres/up/205214567423597850/Divers/shortcuts.xml

just copy "shortcuts.xml" to the folder ...\Notepad++\Data\Config (i use the portable version)

Newg [TM]
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Ok, i update the post, you can now download the portable version, the shortcuts.xml file and load the program.
I you have some feedback...