When I play guitar, particularly strumming and palm muting, I've recently realized that my index finger and my thumb (more so the side of my thumb) is also hitting the strings alongside my plectrum.

Now, from doing a bit of an experiment purposely playing without any contact with my finger or thumb and then again with contact, I've found that the sound doesn't really change regardless of how I play.

Here's a few pics of how I hold the plectrum:

Video playing with finger/thumb contact and without:

Am I overthinking/analyzing this too much? Is there really an issue here or not?

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guitarnoobieeee judging by the pictures I would suggest a very large change in pick grip, but I don't want to say that 100% until I've seen the video... which that link doesn't point to. That's not a valid youtube video ID as far as I can tell, and the link you've posted doesn't go to any actual web site.

Fix that, then people will be better equipped to help you!
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A black screen for a video doesn't help either.
We need to actually be able to see your picking in action.
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