I must warn you that I'm more of a gear-builder than a player. The first clip in particular is an assault on your ears.



Now here's what you're hearing - In the first clip it's a Duncan Designed humbucker that I pulled from a Squier Strat. I've read that it's supposed to be distantly inspired by the "Screamin' Demon" pickup. In the second clip you're hearing a Fender Custom Shop "Shawbucker 2" humbucker. I got it for a Christmas present and I just installed it today.

I think it's a pretty big improvement. I would say that it's clearly more articulate. It's got a noticably lower output.

I've seen people who list out the gear that they used to record stuff but I think it's enough just to say that I put a cheap microphone in front of a Roland Micro-Cube that has a hole in the speaker.
^ lol

That does sound a fair bit nicer, even through a microcube. Interesting it's a fair bit lower output, too- I don't think the screamin' demon is actually all that hot? maybe the DD version isn't that close of a copy...
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I was really surprised that you could hear such a difference. I've bought in to the idea that the amp is responsible for most of what we hear, but this was a pretty clear improvement. I learned something new.

Thanks for listening.