So, just go my new Ibanez S520 and once again, before I do my NGD thread I still have some issues to sort out. One of the things I would like to do is move up from the .09s factory strings to some .11s. Partially because even for me, and I do generally prefer light strings, on the Wizard neck these things are just too light.

There is also a lack on tension on the A string (perhaps to do with the Edge II setup which I am still trying to tweak and work out) that is incredibly annoying and I can't get any tone from it for 'softer' riffs such as 'I Could Have Lied'.

Now, it is my understanding that I may need to adjust the truss rod after a bit of thrashing about once the strings have settled. I also may need to lower the action (I tweaked it higher as I was having a lot of fret buzz across the range). Also did a truss rod adjustment to get a better set up in the middle of the fret board as I was still getting some buzz. This left me with the mentioned 'loose/floppy' A string and also I haven't been able to tweak out the low E string fret buzz on the first fret only.

Before I get all carried away with hex keys and new string sets is there anything else I need to be aware of with the string change? I am still quite new to a FR bridge and this type of guitar work but I have no problem doing the work myself going slowly with lots of checks. Guitar techs here (Philippines) are either none existent and/or wank at doing their work.

I am also unsure of intonation and my hearing ear isn't there yet so I'm not sure what I need to be doing for this step and the best way of approaching it.

Appreciate any feedback - except for 'get it to a guitar tech', because, well....there isn't one!

E2A: Standard Tuning EADGBE and have FR Sticky Thread Open and ready to go (I think it needs to be approached in baby steps as reading it all in one hit is hard for remember where I started )
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You have a trem and you'll definitely need to adjust the springs
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What tuning are you going to use?

In any case, check out the FR Setup Guide sticky.
Sorry, standard tuning.... (Updated OP)

Had a look at the FR Setup guide - no problems with that. Just for clarification I was erring towards the change of thickness as much as the FR set up.

Thanks for the advice all