I got a Fender Champion 100 and I use a Jackson guitar.
I like to play Thrash metal, Prog and heavy metal music but I don't like the distortion of my amp and it doesn't sounds right.
Can I get the right tone with my amp and using a distortion pedal? I was thinking of the M116 Fullbore Metal pedal. I like to play some Megadeth, Pantera and Dream Theater stuff.
Or maybe you can recommend me another way to get the tone I want.
You can get closeish, but Fender doesn't make amps truly suited to metal. Maybe the closest would be those in the new Bassbreaker line. Most others will get you as far as say...80's hard rock and metal...with a good set of dirt pedals, but won't do the more modern high-gain stuff.

That's why I- a happy Fender HRD owner- just put down a deposit on an Orange TH30.
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Think Fender made an awful ss called the MetalHead at one point but I'd stay away from that.
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Wrong guitar Dude, Go find an old Mosrite Ventures Mark II, You'll be a Thrash Metal God!
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EVH 5153 is the Fender amp you want for metal.

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A new amp is the best answer but what is your budget?
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