As above really. I have an all wood acoustic (Larrivee d02) and of course don't do any thing to maintain the wood. However if I buy a quality piece wooden furniture I'm told I have to wax, or polish it a couple of time a year to feed the item and keep it in good condition, so why not with guitars or other woode instruments.
You do need to look after it, but you're doing mostly 'extreme damage prevention' rather than 'maintainance work' like polishing, which is essentially removing a thin layer of the outer damaged layer. A guitar has a rather thick layer of lacquer, in comparison to most furniture. Unless you actually have a higher end instrument that has a (this may be the wrong translation, but it's the only one I found) french polish finish, which doesn't form such a thick protective layer.

This thick layer of lacquer is also what tends to eat most of the sound, so if you keep rubbing wax into the untreated wood of the instrument, you're basically choking it. Which is also why french polish has become so popular, since there isn't as much mud to keep the instrument from vibrating properly.

So the outside of the instrument is more or less safe. The inside of the instrument isn't exposed to most forms of harm, and the construction of the instrument itself is what you should take most care for. Which is why we keep it in a hardcase, and keep that at its proper humidity. So if you're like me and don't really care about a scratch or two, humidity is probably your biggest concern as that can actually destroy instruments. There are humidifiers (a bag with a sponge, really) that you can hang in the guitar's body while it's not being played, that's generally enough. So don't break it, don't drown it and don't dry it out.

Note for those that won't read more than 1 line - Please don't try to polish your guitar. It is shiny, and reflective. It won't be if you try.
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