It's a new year, and I'm hoping to start playing music with other people again. My only two amps are my Mesa Nomad 2x12, which I love but it's far too big and heavy to lug around all the time, of a 15 watt solid state Fender amp, which I don't think would handle a drummer.

So my requirements are:
Able to drive a cabinet to get heard over a drummer in a practice room
Under £250 (preferably less than £200)
If it was suitable for actually gigging with in case I was playing live again, that would be great.

Those are a little vague, I'm afraid, but there's a bit of flexibility.

I've considered trying to remount the Nomad chassis in a head cabinet, but I'm not really confident enough to make one, and I'm pretty sure that having one made will be over budget.

My front runners are: the Electro Harmonix 44 Magnum with a preamp pedal in front of it, which would be very small, and also means that I could use the 44 Magnum to drive a second cab if I wanted to run a stereo rig or something; and the Orange Micro Dark, which wouldn't need a preamp pedal, but I'm not sure it would be loud enough.

I've looked on eBay at some smaller valve combos with external speaker jacks, like the Vox AC4 (if it's loud enough) and the Laney Cub 10/ 12.
I've seen the Kustom Defender 5H on Thomann, it looks good, but they don't seem to have the 15H. Thomann also has the VHT i-30 & i-66, but I can't find any information on them.
Other than various second-hand amps, which I'm keeping an eye on, I keep coming back to the 20 watt Jet City amps, as the JCA22H is under £250 from the Jet City store, and there's a Custom 22 with replaced valves on eBay at the moment.

Any thoughts? I've been tempted by a Marshall 9001 rack preamp that's listed near me, along with a solid state rack power amp, but I'd have to get a case for them.
I use a Blackstar HT-20, although that might be beyond your budget.

Look into Jet City. Low cost, decent sounding amps.
8Len8 Cheers, Jet City would probably be the winner for playing gigs. Although, I've just seen a Laney IRT Studio for £215 including postage, which would give me the three channels I like.
yeah if the smaller jet cities are anything like the bigger ones they're going to be nice (IMO). I haven't tried the ironheart, though, it may well be very nice too.
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Sorry for the lack of updates- for a total of £135 including delivery, I ended up getting an EHX 44 Magnum and AMT B1 (both second hand). The 44 Magnum I don't actually have yet, it was delivered to a friend's house while I was on holiday.

This video swung me on the idea: