How in the world do i find 1/64th, 2/64th, 3/64th, 4/64th or anything 64 of an inch on a ruler to adjust my Gibson SG Standard?

Everywhere i look online , including Gibson, says i can only measure and adjust things such as String height, tuneomatic bridge, and such buy only using a 1/64th of an inch ruler. I have no idea where to buy a 1/64th inch ruler at because the smallest i have seen is 1/32nd inch ruler. I mainly want to adjust all things on my Guitar back to factory specs do to past owner but every possible spec i find is in 1/64 inch and says i need a 1.64 inch ruler to do it which i do not own nor can i find any for sale. Can someone possibly send me the specifications of the GIbson SG Standards String height, tuneomatic bridge, and such in Metric or 1/32 inch measurements? I do own a 1/32nd ruler and maybe i can convert 1/64th inch measurements to 1/32nd measurements somehow or maybe to mm. I may be missing something completely and i may seem stupid but i am so frustrated over this and can not find answers anywhere so i thought i would try this forum and see if anyone can help, thank!