I'm going to my local shop to get a set of strap locks. I don't want something thats permanent, I,d like something that can come on and off fairly easily. Any recommendations?
Schaller. The stock screws worked fine for me.
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Jim Dunlop and Schaller are both great. There's no reason to choose anything else.

Every guitar I own uses Jim Dunlops. Whenever I buy a new guitar, I automatically throw a set of them on top of the cost of the guitar and throw the old strap buttons in the case, having never been used. Straplocks are awesome, but Schaller and Dunlops are not compatible with one another. So if you're going to put straplocks on your guitars, make sure you always buy the same brand so you can use all the straps you have on all your guitars.

I think Dunlops are a bit better though. The securing nut on the Schallers comes loose after a while and they tend to be squeaky when the strap rotates around the button.
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I use Shallers on all my guitars. Since I use the same strap lockson all them I can swap guitar straps easily. One thing I can warn you about is not to buy them on EBay. They sell what looks like Schaller strap lock sets really cheap on EBay. You'll see them selling @ six sets for $15-20.00. The problem is that although they look exactly like Schaller strap locks, they are not interchangeable with real Schaller strap locks. The opening on the strap side is slightly smaller than the Schaller brand and won't work with the real Schaller strap pin that you put on the guitar. If you only use the fake ones on everything and don't have any real Schaller's they do work OK but if you already have some Schaller's on other guitars that's an issue.
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