I've got a 1981' Bassman 135 head that has inputs for both guitar and bass which is a great feature but it's heavy as balls and I was wondering if anyone here knew of any other lighter tube amps that can offer the same feature.
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Ponyexpress I would think the main concern you have is getting a speaker cab that actually sounds good with a guitar, but can reproduce bass frequencies without tearing itself apart. If you have the Bassman head I would think you would have the "matching" cab to go with it, yeah? I would complain about the weight of the cab before I look into getting a different head. Typically bass cabs are not light.
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Ponyexpress Ah, cool/smart. My next question is what kind of volume are you needing/what kind of gigs are you doing? Home use, small pubs, larger venues, etc.? IIRC the reason why heads like the Bassman are so heavy and stout is because of the large amount of power they must have to accurately produce bass frequencies without eating up all their headroom. So I am not sure how much smaller you could get from a tube amp while keeping the same wattage/headroom requirements.
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Ponyexpress You may want to look into the Fender Bassbreaker series, then, which is obviously a take on the Bassman. The highest wattage head they have is 45w which will be a lot less powerful than your Bassman (135w correct?) but it should allow you get very similar tones. It may break up quite a bit earlier than you are used to, though, especially with the bass running through it. Tube amps are typically heavy by nature, generally compared to SS counterparts. The Bassbreaker 45 is 32 lbs., not sure how much your Bassman weighs.

EDIT: I am not aware of any inherit problems running a bass through a guitar oriented head amp, the issue is moreso the cabinet, but someone else may be able to chime in.
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I think that some of the Orange heads are supposed to be decent for bass? The Thunderverb possibly, so I'm not sure if that solves your problem, maybe too heavy and too much money?