Hello, I want to play some of my solo music live (I sing and play guitar, and use a drum machine for drums). I bought a drum machine but the beats are pretty hollow sounding with the music. I use Hydrogen drum machine software on my PC and the drum patterns sound pretty good on there. I want to know if there is a device where I can put the mp3s of the drum tracks I've made in Hydrogen onto it and use a footswitch that when turned on will play the mp3s that I select so I can play live with the better sounding drum tracks. Does anybody know of such a device/accessory?
VenatoraMusic Have you looked into the Beat Buddy? I think it is up your alley ( unless that is the drum machine you currently have... )

You could use some form of MIDI foot-controller to trigger tracks in a MIDI-capable DAW, but what may be a simpler solution is just to record the drum tracks ahead of time, according to how your song needs them, and just play the master MP3 files off your computer.
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