Just registered to UG because i just can't find out what i have here.
I hope that you can help me.

It's a B.C. Rich Mockingbird.
Only BC-Logo on the Headstock, no Series information, plain truss rod cover.
So this would indicate that it's a bronze series (98, 99), right?
But it has a reverse headstock.

And there's a vintage tremolo implemented. You don't see that too often.

Plain neck plate. I think that's pretty strange too. At least for me it is.

No seriel number, no stamps, no stickers.
Vintage Tremolo
Plain Neck Plate
Reverse Headstock (plain truss rod cover)

I only have two pictures for you guys:

Can anybody help me out here?
I'm pretty sure it's a cheap asian one, bottom drawer.
But any further information would be awesome.

Thank you in advance.
I'm not really knowledgable with bc rich, but I'm thinking it's a fake. The rod cover usually has the series on it. And I don't think they used that style of bridge either.
could be a rave series or more likely a starter pack guitar. a cheapie any way you look at it. doubt it's a fake cuz no one in their right mind would fake a BC Rich cheapie. (I'm a BC Rich player but the cheap ones just plain suck especially the 90s ones)