So, I personally hold my plectrum using the "pinch" method as I primarily play fast punk rock rhythm guitar.
Here's a few pics of how I hold the plectrum:

Do you guys' believe there IS a right way or not?
Not particularly. If it feels comfortable and gives you good grip and control of the pick, then its right. The only way I would never hold the pick is at the very edge of the wider end - that is just silly.
There's no way I'd hold my pick that way but this is a case of to each his own. If it feels right to you then it's right.
I have to say at first glance that looks kind of awkward and uncomfortable, but it's difficult to tell without seeing how it looks when your actually playing. What stands out is that it looks like the pick is almost parallel with your finger - they both seem to be pointing in pretty much the same direction and if that's the case I can't see how you can play without having to arch your wrist round when you really want your wrist to be straight. Like I say though, it's difficult to tell without actually seeing how it looks when you play.
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whatever sounds good and whatever is efficient
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Whatever is comfortable. Forget those silly videos about holding the pick "correctly". It's just shredder masturbation material. The fact is, I hold my pick differently depending on what I'm doing - speed-picking, pick harmonics, strumming, palm-muting, sweeping, arpeggiation, etc. If you hold the pick the same way the whole time, then you're doing it wrong.
Depends what you want to play. There's a best way for all around picking that is easy enough to look up, but your grip will have to adjust to specific techniques like sweeping, hybrid picking, speed picking, etc.

That said, "pinching" the pick as your are doing in that picture does diminish the force, speed, and consistency of your picking. You'll get more mileage gripping it on the side of your last index finger knuckle/segment.
My advice would be hold it on the outside of your index finger as opposed to the pad. This gives you more control over dynamics and prevents the plectrum from flying off as often!