I know what the tab symbols mean but not sure how to play them in certain conditions

1. If 9h2 mean pick note of 9th fret then hammer on to 2. Would h2 mean simply just hammer onto the 2nd fret and pick no note?

2. 9^10 play 9th fret note? Then bend it and play 10th?

3. When something has multiple Xs forming a chord tab shape that means partially mute with fret hand? An example would be intro of 'crazy train's

Btw I've only been practicing for 4 months, just started hammer on and pull offs a week ago.

4. When someone have ///4 on a new bar, how does the slide make a sound if it's coming from no note? Also does multiple /// mean something different than a single /? If it were \4 does that mean slide up the neck and come back to 4 or slide up the neck to 4 and play that note?

Thank you