Hello there guys I noticed something a little odd , on the 9th fret specifically when I pluck a single note let's say on the 4th string while pressing it on the 9th fret the 2nd string open rings out very very loud . Seems to me like it's a bit more than just my playing cause I've been concentrating on that pluck and still it rings unreasonably loud. Also if I pluck the 3rd string on the 9th fret then the open 1st string rings out the same way. Is it a fret problem ? Could anyone help me explain the unreasonably loud ringing
You're not muting the strings.

It's no coincidence that the problems are occurring on those particular strings and frets. The 9th fret on the 4th string is a B, which causes the 2nd string to ring out as that's also a B. The 9th fret of the 3rd string is an E, so the high E string is going to ring out.
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I suspected they made each other resonate I was just wondering what made it so noticeable ty for the reply !