Hello everyone!!!

I plan to buy a line6 UX2 for electric guitar recording!!! And it has hi-z input!!

I heard of that if you use normal headphone or speaker to monitor, then there will be huge noises.

But what if the interface has a hi-z input??? Do I still need monitor earphone??

My music teacher told me that if the interface has a hi-z input or direct box, then normal earphone will be good enough for it. Is it true?????? I'm so pleased if it is true!

Thanks in advance!!!!
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You'd better plug your guitar into a high z input or it's going to sound like crap unless it has a built in preamp. The output spec for headphones and monitors is completely separate from the input spec. So I'd say that perhaps you didn't interpret your instructor's advice correctly.

It is true that a high z input is more conducive to noise than a low z input. That's because noise is generally low energy and a low impedance will short the noise to ground. But passive guitar pickups are pretty low energy as well and need a high z load impedance.