Just a little idea I am working on for a new project figured I would share if anyone else is into this kind of stuff perhaps we can collaborate.
DirtyChain Thanks a lot for checking it out. That makes me stoked to hear! I appreciate it. I work as a seasonal firefighter so I had to put writing music on the back burner for awhile but this particular track I am getting finished up shortly and plan to put some kind of instrumental release out which will have a lot more. I am listening to your track, I am really digging this a lot actually. Are you in a band or anything or was that all your stuff?
That's awesome that you're coming back to music; I try to play as much as I can when I have time. The guitar and bass is all me. The drums are Superior Drummer. Don't have enough time to be in an actual band.
The math checks out OK on the video (I'm a mechanical engineer). The guitar sounds nice (especially on the intro), though the style of the drums doesn't always fit the style of the guitar riffs in my honest opinion. I've used Superior Drummer for several years, perhaps there is a better drum pattern during the more intense drum part (or shift a few drum notes and see how it sounds). Keep at it! Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

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