So I'm going through the adventure of building my first guitar. I have a Strat body and I'm looking to make it a pretty sweet metal guitar. I'm thinking a fender Mapleneck with maple fret board but not entirely set on that. Any ideas for pick ups and neck make?
While it may be tempting to source every single part for the first build, I would suggest building a kit instead. This will guarantee that all the parts fit together and you will be able to build a better guitar the second time around. The first build should be seen as a learning experience. The guitar kit found here would be a good place to start: https://www.myguitarparts.com/products/strat-style-electric-guitar-kit
Pickups are generally personal preference. What kind of sound are you going for? What do you like to listen to?
And actually, necks are personal preference too. I would recommend just taking a look at what's most comfortable for you, because I personally hate the fender neck profiles as I am used to the smoother jackson necks but a lot of people I know actually prefer the fender necks.
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BeardedRainbow's solid point notwithstanding, quality pickups are one part you can probably recycle for future builds.

What kind of "metal" Strat do you want to make? SSS, HSS, HH? Something more exotic like P90s?

Old school or Neoclassical metal? Stoner? High-gain?
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