Hey UG,

Feel free to listen to my track called Ash. I have been playing this song for a few years now and its one of my favorites that I have written.

Here it is: https://soundcloud.com/dirtychain/ash-1

Any criticism is good. Also, C4C as always.


DirtyChain, the Dirtiest of Chains
Nice !
I wanted to check this for the C4C. But there's not much I can say, I just like it !
I would've done the fill-in at 1:40 different. Instead of banging a few times on the cymbals first I'd have done a short burst fill in and then BANG.

This reminds me that songs don't need to be that long. I'm always trying to push my instrumentals but that might make them worse.
If you have some time, I'd appreciate some comments on something I've been working on.