So I have two guitars. A Schecter Omen in drop D with the pick ups it came with and .11 gauge strings and a Ibanez s521 in drop B with emg 81x/85x pickups and .12 gauge strings.
I would think that the Ibanez would be heavier but i find that now when ever I play it, it just just falls flat compared to my Schecter. My Schecter just sounds so much heavier compared to my Ibanez. I even went and switched out the battery for the EMGs and it still just doesn't seem to beat the Schecter.
I have nothing against Schecter but I have put a lot of money into my ibanez and i would like it to have a more metal tone than my Schecter. Even my tapping is better on my schecter. Am I stupid and doing something wrong or has anyone else ran into this?
You can try raising the EMG closer to the strings. Try new strings as well if they are old.

For comparison, what does it sound like if you take the battery out - maybe you have a connection issue. Are both pickups affected or only one - could be an issue with the switch.

Contact cleaner in the output jack and switch contacts are always great places to start.

What amp are you using and is the amp capable of reproducing those low frequencies? What does an octave up sound like - something more in line with a standard tuned E?
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I have similar Ibanez and the body on these is a dud..there's barely any wood on it so there isn't much to resonate. To add insult to injury they've also cut a FR hole which looses more sustain and the bolt on neck ain't helping much either.
Best results I got out of my guitar was with a X2N pickup, I had a SD Distortion and a Dimarzio Pearly Gates in the bridge and both fell flat and the guitar was lifeless. Still not the best guitar in my arsenal but it comes out occasionally as a backup.
I've heard about some fixes for more sustain as in getting adding a trem sustain blocks, honestly, I just kinda gave up on mine and it went into the 2nd citizen class
Alternatively, you can try some psycho acoustic fixes, like BBE Maximizer or Aphex Xciter or maybe some kind of tube boost/overdrive in front of the amp.

Personally - I'd say float the Ibanez on the 2nd hand market and stay happy with the Schecter.
diabolical That does make sense. I'll probably just put my emgs in my schecter and use that as my main guitar for now. Since that Ibanez was so thin it was a pain to upgrade the pickups.
metalmingee I dont think it is anything to do with the wires since i was able to tell a difference but i will tinker with it a little bit and move the emgs closer but i will be honest, the guitar looks cooler than it is practical lol but if all else fails i will just switch out the pick ups and keep that one as a back up.
Of course your Ibanez sounds less heavy. It's a small, thin body S series. I see you've already installed EMGs. Pretty much that's only thing you can do. That's what I did with my S series, but not as heavy as my other larger bodied guitars.
Sayonara6String yeahhhh. It just looked cool to me so i bought it lol. but im gonna put my EMGs on my schecter. I'll just use my Ibanez for lighter stuff and use my schecter for the heavy stuff
diabolical nah, I went to my local guitar shop for that. Even though looking at it. It doesnt seem that hard but i didnt want to screw it up. Its not bad if i run a lot of effects through it