I know i'm going to ger made fun of. I know the song Smoke on the water. It's just the solo part. What is the rhythm guitar supossed to play during the solo ? I'm playing with my friend. He's a drummer. I'm not ready to solo. What should i play during solo time.
i think it kinda does like it does in the beginning G and F and pick the 3 top strings.

and this solo is pretty hard to do, they may mock you if you tabbed the riff for this song, but you will impress people if you can pull off the solo.
and i believe this is the best Smoke On The Water Solo on UG, ha ha ha

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Ignore the chord tab, it's not too accurate and doesn't give the chords behind the main part of the solo, only the (incorrect) riff repeat at the end.

The backing behind the solo is similar to the pattern for the verse, picking root - fifth - octave on the bottom 3 or 4 strings. The progression is G5 (2 bars), C5 (1 bar), G5 (1 bar). Play this 4 bar pattern 4 times, then go to C5 for 2 bars, F5 for 2 bars. Finally end over the main riff repeat.

Your solo looks good, though it has a few differences from the version I have in Guitar for the Practicing Musician, sometimes just positionally ... but it would be better with the barlines in the correct places.
NSpen1ha ha ha NSpen1 you and your bar lines, I put them were I think its better just too learn sections, Maybe that's right or wrong. but thx for the compliment, I think ha ha
Haha, you're welcome. It's just bizarre to me to put 'barlines' in different places to where the bars actually start/end but no offence
well none taken, i just put them were i like them put. i think learning small sections is better to learn, then once you have learnt the song, then they can move to yours to play it properly