looking for guitarist, bassist, and drummer to start a band and play in a progressive type thing Fullerton, CA

My name is Juan and I've been playing guitar for a long while. I can play prog, rock, jazz, whatever. (Classical training as well as jazz experience.)
I'm 19 years old and I go to CSUF.
I'm looking for a guitar player, bass player, and drummer who want to join a band and help me out in writing and recording. If you can sing somewhat decently then that would be super rad.
Type of music is like Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Caligula's Horse, Sieges Seven, SW, King Crimson, and so on.
Im sorry for being vague but there is not a lot much to say. I've written a few songs (lengthy, range from 6:50 mins to 11:00) and I want to record them and put them out. Of course if you join you can bring your own playing and own style into the music, and of course a band is a collaborative effort, so you will be able to add (or subtract) to the music as you see fit. And of course you can help me write more songs.
This is just an add for starting a band with like minded people. Im a pretty easy going person and am not a control freak. I have fruity loops to record; however, I dont have much recording gear so it would be super rad if you did (for drums.)
I just want to see if I can find some people that want to do this, and have their heart into playing extraordinary music the way I do.

PM me or email me at crimsonband01@gmail.com
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