I have a cheap Cylclone guitar that I got from my band teacher at school for $50. I noticed right away that the pickups sounded really muddy and kind of like single coils if that makes sense. I swapped out the bridge pickup for a Seymour Duncan JB and also got a new volume pot but that didn't really seem to help. It helped with the single coil-ness; it actually sounds like a humbucker, but the tone is still muddy, lacks the clarity it should have, and has lots of bass frequencies. If I palm mute, the amp actually starts to clip a little bit with the bass frequencies. And before you ask, yes, the tone on the guitar is turned all the way up. I have two other guitars with JB pickups and I haven't ever had this problem. I think it's the guitar, because I had the same problem with two different pickups on the same guitar. I don't believe in the tone wood theory, I think all the tone comes from the electronics, wood does not have electronic qualities and cannot change the sound that the pickups produce. The switch is really old, the tone pot is as well, and I don't really know anything about the capacitor I have. Would the cap affect the muddiness of my tone? Also, the bridge is really crappy and I'm thinking about buying a Fender bridge to put on it. Anyways, if anyone has any ideas of what is making my pickup sound muddy, please reply.
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i thought the cap only really affected things if the tone knob wasn't on 10, but i could be wrong about that.
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Hardwire the JB to the output jack and see what you have. Once that works then add back in the other components to the circuit.

And make sure the pickup isn't too close to the strings.
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A JB isn't a muddy pickup at all, so the first thing to do is what he ^ said, and wire it to the jack to see if the problem is elsewhere. Bad tone pot? Other bad electronics? Check the JB with a meter to make sure it is reading right.