okay....I know I've got a mustache...just....eeeew...try not to focus on it.
To the world you might be one person but to one person you might be the world.
Not a shredder here. Pretty shitty fingerstyle player, so take my observation for what it's worth.

Not bad! You've got some fast fingers!
I've tried to learn that for 2 weeks and I've gotten nowhere 😔
But that was very good                 
You are play so good. I also want to play guitar. however, when I started playing, I could not learn how to play as a expert. My teacher told to me: " You are a deaf of music. You cannot play. I think you should change your mind and change another instrument." I am very sad when I heard about that. I think so much. At last, may be I cannot learn guitar, no thing can prevent me from enjoy guitar video on Internet. I have found this group to enjoy and learn guitar form other guitarist.