I put 2 songs in my music website: "See The Way" (more synths than guitar) is on top, and "Because, Because of You" (guitar oriented, most will probably prefer this one) is the next one down. Please tell me how you like the music, and how it can be improved, and I promise to return the favor if you wish. Here is the link:

Aaron thanks for checking out my backing track.

Listening to see the way.

I'm getting some secret agent vibes off this one, the vocals are a little too wet for me, but thats just personal preference. Although if they are supposed to be lead vocal they should cutt through the mix better all the effects seem to push them to the background. I love the breakdown with the synth solo stuff. that part was really cool. I always enjoy your music is really experimental but always enjoyable.

I think my favorite of your tracks is still you better believe 2.
See the Way is fun. Jkielq91 mentioned rick and morty - ha, the intro lead synth definitely sounds similar (at least in terms of tone). Fun song though, pleasant.

Because, Because of You - enjoyed this more. Bass was cool in the intro. Honestly found the song enjoyable all around. If you're looking for improvements (that would please me), maybe have some more changes in the drums.

Also, while I enjoy the majority of your songs I feel like a lot of your melodies are similar. You have great production and guitar/bass/synth parts - I think you could really give your songs a boost by sitting at a piano and experimenting with melodies. Hope you don't take that personally, just my honest opinion.
Thanks for listening to my stuff man. Production here is spot on, really dig the synthy/guitar idea. In 'See the Way' I feel could use a little more rhythmic variability, the break down is cool but maybe an opportunity to stick something a triplet feel in?

'Because, Because of you' - Just enjoyed the ride here man great stuff, just would be good to pull out the vocals a little more - I'm no singer so can't give any advice on how but just be good to bring the lyrics through a little more.

Great job!
I agree with See the Way... sci-fi (which is part of your thing anyway)... a Dr. Who number (in a good way). I found the vocals improved on both, in terms of hearing them better than in some past numbers. Because, Because of You I could envision to be a John Lennon rock 'n roll number (without Yoko screeching, of course). As per elementwood89, not strong melodies, but not all songs have strong melodies, but progress in accordance to their own ideas.
Thanks for listening to my stuff. I just went through a few of yours and I feel the best advice I can give you is to try and branch out with your music a bit more. I listed to both see the way and funky cat, and I have to tell you their song structure and they're sound were very similar. I would just try to be aware of this so you don't pull a hootie and the blowfish and have every song sound exactly the same