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BTW, how many of you know that "42" is the answer to, "life, the universe, and everything"?
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For a capo, I picked up a $20 fender Phoenix capo at my local music store. It's pretty nice, cast aluminum, pretty nice for a china thingy.
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Just be prepared to learn the theme from Deliverance or whatever the hell it is called. ''Cause all the drunks yell play Deliverance just like they yell play Wonderwall everytime you pull out your guitar

Dueling Banjos.
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I knew that. I believe every word Douglas Adams wrote.

Even the Great Green Arkleseizure?
I started to banjo playing a year or so ago while still playing guitar.
In my opinion the trick with bluegrass banjo is the roll and learning to get the right hand doing what banjo players do. I never even bothered with clawhammer as I wanted to develop finger technique on the right hand. I had hoped to transfer my finger picking skills to the guitar but it hasn't turned out. I even use some guitar pickings on the banjo yet still don't do it when on guitar. Weird!
It's such a different discipline from guitar playing; I had thought my years of guitar playing would stand me in good stead but in reality for me it helped only a small amount.
I also don't use finger picks.
I do both 5 and 4 string banjo but I decided to concentrate on 4 string. I prefer 4 string but it does have limitations. I use a plectrum banjo, not a tenor - some like to tune it as a guitar (Chicago tuning) but I kept mine the same as the 5 string (G) tuning. I also have an adapted 6 string banjo which uses high G strings on the 5th and 6th.
I think a banjo (bluegrass) is easy to play basics but really hard to play well. However, if you learn the rolls to a fast speed it will really help to give the banjo sound. I have never used a plectrum on banjo!
When the blue light flashes I am kidding.
Hey a Dunlop fast latching capo. Pretty good! Cost me $21, and the guy at the shop gave me $4 off. Thanks much!
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