hi , guys , id like to know how u got your guitar setup.
By that i mean your 3/5 way switch ,your split coiled hummbuckers and stuff.
As it happens i was working on my fantastic(read: the crap of a 4X3 pins 3 way ibanez 2002 switch), and while trayng to wire it to work in middle position as one normal working hummbucker and the other splited, I found out that instead of expected :the hummbucker that is fully engaged will be dominant and the split one will be just like ambiental thing (exaggeration), it hapend the compleatly oposite. I dont know iff this is just my v7 pickup of 5wires and v8 of 3 kinda thing, or is this the regular hapenning?

second question : do you use the middle position as two hummbuckers normaly working? and if so , when and what do you than play ond bridge /neck (as in what musical part :chorus, verse, just for fingerpicking, solos....)
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