I decided the title would be too long if I put it there so here is the title. How can I get a metal sound with a bass amp and an effect board. My guitar is a fender strat and I am trying to get a metal sound with what I had. My dad was a bass player so that explains the bass guitar gear.
assuming you are using a multiFX unit, dial up a high gain tone, or use a preset that you like, plug your guitar into the pedal plug the pedal into the amp, turn the amp on and play with the EQ to find what sounds best.
Actually the Fender Bassman is a bass amp, Bassists hated it, Guitarists loved it, So its still in production today, I use a bass amp I line out from to a guitar amp for that added low end, Love that rig, In any case bass amps are neutral voiced meaning they take very well to effects by way of peddles or other processors, So in this case you may want to start out with a decent multi effects peddle and experiment with different settings till you find out what appeals to you then upgrade from there,
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Your bass amp isn't going to be imparting much gain to the signal most likely. If you have a multi effects pedal all your gain will be coming from that. It should be fairly straightforward once you find a distorted preset.
wrong tools for the job. you'll need a distortion pedal of some sort (your mfx unit) for starters) if your strat has an SSS pickup configuration then that is making it harder (not impossible but an uphill battle).

what type of metal tone are you shooting for?
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monwobobbo Master of puppets/ older Metallica style is what I am trying to get. Thank you for the reply.

good luck. bass amp tend to be designed to stay clean with really high headroom. a distortion pedal will get you closer but won't likely really nail that tone (unless you spend big money.

what fx are you using? honestly getting a guitar amp that has a decent high gain sound would be the better route to go.
Does your amp have an effects loop? If so, plug the output of the MultiFX into the loop return on the amp. What MultiFX do you have? I'd dial up a high gain tone on that and turn off cabinet simulations if that's an option since you will run out of the bass amp.
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