Hello everyone. I am currently having problem regarding making new guitar tones in my processor. I use LTD 401 FM guitar with EMG 81 (bridge) / 60 (neck) active pickups and Line 6 POD HD 400 guitar processor. And it seems like I am not getting any tone of my preferences. How I can I make good tones? I was trying to make tones like... NIRVANA, PINK FLOYD, ARCTIC MONKEYS,SLIPKNOT. See I gave examples of bands from various genre. To perform covers I need tones of different flavors. Now the points I tried so far are---
1. I usually make tone using Marshall MG10 CF amp. But whenver I go on a stage or jamming on a different amp module my tones gets scr***d.
2. I tried downloading high rated tones from LINE 6 website. But I was NEVER satisfied. May be the tones were made using different guitars and amps. And they don't match with my setup.
3. Before line I used ZOOM G2G processor which is a very basic instrument. I can use that properly. But in line 6 the overdrive , distortion etc are needed to be arranged in series(like a pedal board). Where can I learn which goes after which on while making a tone?
4. Buying new pedals is not an option for me. At least for the time being. But you are welcome if you suggest me which ones I should go for in the future.

Please let me know two things...
a. How to make some really good tones right about now.? (The short way. As I need some good tones urgently. MAy be from any website or your personal preferences where all the parameters are already given?)
b. How to learn the art of making good tones? (The long way. I am willing to spend some time learning these.)
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putting anything through a marshall mg10 won't get you great results... Is buying a new amp a possibility?
flexiblemile In that case which one should I go for? I thought buying an ORANGE amp. Crush 12 or crush 20. Any smaller sized amp. And in the mean time what's the alternative to make a good tone?
The problem is that MG sounds bad, period.

Look at Tech21 Power Engine or other clean power amps, for processors you need neutral as you can get. Valve Epi Jr. combo might also be a good small practice option, or Kustom Defender, something small to plug that processor into.

Sorry, can't help much with that particular unit, but in general start with all effects off and add one by one.
Oh My! Marshall MG10? Well there's the problem right there, as there's absolutely no way of ever making that POS sound good,
In short, the other responses correctly identify the Marshall MG as a likely limiting factor in your tonal quality. However, you have the POD HD400 which should have absolutely no problem crafting some very workable tones.

1. It sounds like you may be using the POD as an effects pedal rather than its ideal function...meaning you perhaps are running your guitar into an amp sim and sending that output into an actual amp, resulting in a muddy overdistorted mess. If you have studio monitors, send your POD directly to those or play with headphones to shape some tones. Basically, take the Marshall MG out of the equation.

2. Tone is an incredibly subjective thing. What sounds great to one person may be terrible to another. And you are absolutely right, presets made with certain gear in mind might sound horrible with other gear. However if you are failing to get a decent sound with ANY preset you download, it makes me suspect something isn't hooked up or set correctly. Again, work through headphones not the Marshall.

3. Pedalboard order is a commonly debated topic and in short there are no hard rules and no censensus about what is right. Part of the fun is experimenting and using your ears to figure out what you personally like. Many people prefer going from lower gain to higher gain, so using your overdrive and tube screamers to feed a boosted signal into a crunched amp or distortion box with moderate gain dialed in. Some people prefer a overdrive after a harsh distortion to smooth out some of the bite. Generally modulation effects, delays, and reverbs will go after your distortion.

4. You shouldn't need new pedals. The POD is a pretty comprehensive tool to build tones.

A. How to get good tones quickly...obviously downloading other users presets are the quickest and you can modify the aspects of the tone you don't like.
B. The art of building good tones...this is the eternal question of all guitarists. Honestly it's a matter of experimentation and using your ears and deciding what sounds good to you personally. Many great players out there do unorthodox things and get great results. A few general tips...use your EQ! It is one of the most powerful tools you have to shape your tone. Don't cut your mids, that's what punches through in a band setting. Don't overdo it with the gain! A lot of heavy sounding recordings use a lot less gain than you would think and the heaviness comes from quad tracking guitars and the bass guitar in the mix. Best of luck on your tone quest!