So I understand that with the whole shuffle thing that when you play pairs of 8th notes you hit the second note of the pair on the last part of the triplet count.....but what if you come across a single 8th note that would under normal circumstances fall on the "and" part of the count. Should I switch my timing back to normal for that note and then go back to shuffling and counting in triplets when I get back to pairs of notes?
I would say that you should play it as the last part of a triplet, unless it's specified that the shuffle feel should be discontinued at that point.
How is it written, 1 beat = an eighth note rest followed by an eighth note, or 2 beats = dotted quarter + eighth, etc? Do you have an example?
the note is entered through syncopation. In rare other cases it's just the song starting with an 8th note right before a set of triplets.
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