Hey guys
I have an A/B Y pedal that I have routed so my drive pedals can go from channel A into my modulation pedals to my amp like a normal set-up. Channel B goes to my interface so I can record my guitar without modulation fx and then reamp later on

On channel A I get a feedback loop squealing sound and on channel B I get a ton of noise in my DAW. What would be causing these problems?

My full routing is, Korg Pitchblack > Zvex Fuzz Factory > Boss NS-2 (in the loop I have Xotic Rc boost > fulltone fulldrive 2 > proco Rat 2 distortion > back to ns2) then Boss ns2 output > mooer micro A/B Y > channel A > modulation pedals > Amp
channel B > interface > reamper > modulation pedals > amp
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Quote by Axelfox
The problem is likely the aby. A transformer isolated aby would reduce risk of noise. Having said that, I would not use aby, I would use it to connect to 2 different amps. I would use a di box. Use the thru to connect to the pedals and the balanced output to the interface.
Depends on your guitar pickups. In general, use passive DI with active pickups and activate DI with passive pickup. Radial PRO DI and PRO 48 are good quality boxes. If you are using the amp for monitoring these boxes would work. If you are recording the amp some would suggest the Radial JDI or J48. These are more expensive as these have a better transformer inside.

I only have used Radial boxes so I do not know how they compare to other brands. I also use a Radial ABY for a 2 amp setup. Country man DIs also have a great reputation.
The DI does the opposite of a re-amp. Yours is from the better range of radial the pro series are more budget oriented while the ones starting with a J are equipped with Jensen transformers. It is said that the Jensen are phase accurate as transformers tend to change the phase of the signal. This will result in cancellation if you use a signal from before the transformer and mix it with the signal after.

If you can spare an extra 100 go for the Jensen.