Ransacked my heart and infiltrated my soul
I got in over my head,fell through like a sinkhole
Left stranded for dead with all the words left unsaid
On my dreams you tread whilst the voice in my head
Is screaming out for answers

Ask me how I’m doing then spit in my face
Im at a predisposition to the darkness and to your disgrace
So name a time and anyplace
I’ll slam the brakes,seize the world and begin to brace

Your questions have answers that you already know
Artificial and untruthful,can’t hide it, it shows
Through all the carnage and bloodshed,
Don’t ask how I’m doing
Ive Told you once and Ive told you twice.
Im already dead.

You’re the pin in my grenade that Im gonna rip you out
If i decided to let go now would you ever come about?
You’re the trigger in my gun that screams for my touch
Tell me to pull, Ill ask how much. Would the guilt be too much?

Your questions have answers that you already now
I see right through you, can’t hide it, it shows.
You can lay in my bloodshed and reflect on the carnage
And spit on my heart thats battered and tarnished.
Don’t ask me whats ahead
Ive told you once already
Im already dead
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