I always thought that yngwie YJM pickup are quite low output than normal single coil.

Then I saw this guy did the comparison between yngwie signature 2016 and yngwie touring guitar. (it's #4)

As you can see. The big different part is pickup tones!! his #4 sound is fuller, with more punch and clarity and have a lot more output.

I'm not huge malmsteen fan but this is the tone I've always looking for!!!

The question is

1. Which single coil pickup can get close to that #4 JYM tone. I don't think normal JYM can give me that
What come to my mind is "Bareknuckle Trilogy suite" what do you guy think?

2. Do you have any pickup to recommend me?

(In case if you wanna know about his talking in that link. He talking about hardware. The different is neck shape.The #4 neck are flatter than the signature and little more deep scallop neck.yellow finishing more dull and less lacquered than the Signature Strat not sure it's nitrocellulose or satin polyurethane and volume pot. The #4 has no-friction volume pot, delivering smoother and more linear swelling tone than the Yngwie Signature Strat. And last one huge different is pickup sound. The #4 middle pickup is set very flat to the pickguard using for parallel only. )

p.s. My guitar is Peavey predator AX 1997 // Sorry for my bad english.
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YJM pups were formerly made by DiMarzio so that might be the difference. the new ones are Seymour Duncan. both are fairly low output though. Yngwie uses a lot of volume to get his tones. the really nice high end Diezel amp that guy is using may have more to do with the tone than just the pickups.

what amp are you using?
He use same amp but guitar sound is quite different right? The signature that he using to compare are test with diezel amp too. Actually it have higher output when you using with that amp but Yngwie owned guitar is still have more different. In this clip this guy said #4 guitar maybe Yngwie ask seymour to make special one for him (only) because the sound between Yngwie touring guitar and Yngwie signature is using YJM but YJM in #4 is more output than normal YJM. (and more hum too.)

p.s. I use Orange Tiny Terror TT-15C Tube Combo Amp