Hello guys,

I have some problems and questions and I hope you can answer some of them!
4 days ago I changed the strings of my Strat because the E string broke. It was the first string change and I used Google to find out which string tension it had. I read something that the tension is 9. I found some Elixir strings and used them, which had the same tension. The result was quite awful. The strings did buzzing voices on the first 4-5 frets on E and A string. Also the bridge wasn't angeled as before (I hope you know what angle I mean: This one you can change with tremolo). So the back of the bridge was closer to the body as before. Also the string action was quite high and definitely higher as before. I talked to someone (by call) who said that it sounds like I got too light strings.
Now, 4 days later, I got D'Addario 10 and also tried them. The result was better: There was no more buzzing, and the "bridge angel" looked like it was with the old strings, but the string action is still very high. Nothing changed there, so i got at the low E string 12th fret around 4,5mm (0,18 inches).

Now my questions:
1) Is an action of 4,5mm to high or fine? I feel like that is not the action I played with before changing the strings. As I am a real Frusciante fan, can someone say what action he plays? Or atleast if its quite low or high and what that approximately means.
2) What can I do? I have no idea at the moment but it would be awesome to fix the problem soon.

I would be very happy if someone can help!
Thank you a lot for your help and sorry for my bad English,
Your action is way too high.

When you put new strings on a guitar, you need to set up the whole guitar for that new set of strings.

Hearing lots of fret buzz on the first 5 frets indicates that the neck does not have enough relief and you need to loosen the truss rod. You need to measure how much relief you currently have to confirm that it needs adjustment. This is an article I made on the topic.


Then you need to adjust the springs in the back of the guitar so that the bridge sits level with the top plane of the body. Then you can adjust the bridge height down to a more acceptable level and see if you get any more fret buzz.

Then check the guitar's intonation after the action is set and you're good to go.
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If the other strings are a month or more.. then a string breaks, I'd recommend changing all the strings.. that ways they have same string life (assuming the original strings are different brands from new ones). Always set up guitar after string change.. stretch strings too.. it's going to settle in a day or so then check tuning and intonation specially if you change string gauge size from 9s to 10s or 11s.. tighten trus rod. from 10s to lower 9's loosen trus rod.
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