I've been playing acoustic guitar for about 3 years now and im planning on buying my first electric guitar. My budget is roughly $500 and I'm looking for a guitar with either a HSS configuration (fender squiers excluded) or a HH configuration with coil plit (preferably not epiphone). At the moment im thinking about buying a PRS SE standard 24 (https://www.thomann.de/gb/prs_se_standard_24_ts.htm). Any thoughts or suggestions?
G&L's Tribute line is worthy of consideration.

Godin's Sessions are nice.
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I have an SE 24....its good, nothing glaringly screwed up with it, great buy for the money, pups are decent you can tap both sides, the trem works if you are into that, it plays well. Its not CE-24 pretty, but it doesn't come with a CE-24 price tag either.

However, fish around, deals in the 2nd hand market are always out there. I just snagged a Les Paul Studio for less than I payed for my PRS new.
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