Hello, i have a question, i own a Laney TF-100 amp, the clean mode sounds great, but when i add some gain, [6-7] i get some noise and then a really low clean sound. From 1 to 5 the sound it's ok, and from 8 - 10 same, but 6-7 just doesnt work! Ive tried on every volume option and still same problem.

Any idea of what is happening here? I was thinking, if i buy a distortion pedal will it fix it? Or do i need a speaker?
sounds like something's wrong. i'm not sure i'd buy anything else in case the amp just dies on you and then you're out the money both for the amp and for the "fix". better to try to figure out exactly what's wrong- it may well be very little (dirty pot?).
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Eonik +1 to maybe a bad pot. It sounds like the throw on the pot around 6-7 is just not connecting very well (or at all). If you have some contact cleaner you could try spraying the pot to see if that clears it up, but you'd have to try to get the spray in the internals which would be a bit difficult.
Will Lane Dave_Mc Thanks for the replies, i will try that tomorrow, and i will post here if it worked or not.

EDIT: I tried, and still doesnt work. Maybe i need to buy a new amp X:
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