Hi guys/gals,

I'm new to the forum - I basically came here as I'm having some trouble with the high E string on my acoustic and I can't figure it out. I'm probably just being stupid but hey ho!

Picked the guitar up, put a capo on and ran through a quick chord to check all was good. The high E though, it wasn't ringing out properly. You know that sound a string makes where the capo isn't on tight enough or isn't in the right position? So it sort of half plays the note/it plays the note but it sounds slightly muted. I figured I just had to readjust the capo but nothing I did improved the situation. And it was always only the E string causing the problem. Eventually I realised that even *without* the capo on, the E string was ringing out in that kinda dull/half-muted way I've just tried (poorly ) to describe.

I've looked up and down the guitar and I can't see *anything* at all touching the string that shouldn't be, nothing tangled up or whatnot and the string seems to be in the right position - it hasn't slipped off it's ridge or anything like that. I'm kinda lost for ideas. The string is quite old but they are all the same age and it's only this one string doing this.

Sorry for such a long post, I found it slightly hard to describe! Any tips would be much appreciated as I'd looked forward to playing tonight and now I can't really!

Honestly, the first thing I'd recommend is changing the strings, and have a look at the nut slots while you're in there. If that's too much, at least pick up a new single high E string for a buck and see if that does it.
Thanks for replying, ErgostarWorldA. I restrung and it was fixed, but a few hours later it started going dull again. I figured out the problem - I've got bad eczema on my hands and had only started using my creams again in the last few days which was getting the guitar all greasy. Cleaned it all down and problem solved!