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I've been struggling with finding the right guitar tuner. My hearing is not very accurate but I really enjoy playing the guitar. I also play the Ukulele from time to time. So I stumbled upon a tuner called "Roadie", and it seems that this tuner will tune the guitar for you, and has options to switch to alternate tunings and so on. Some of my friends have recommended that I get it. I checked the reviews and it seems legit. Here's a couple of links:

AlanAtmeh Hi and welcome to Forum! It looks rather interesting for new players, but I think that it's not the best investment in a long run. Moreover, there are a lot of free mobile apps for tuning guitar.
Anyway, that's only my opinion and, of course, you can try it, as your friends have it and make your own decision.
My thoughts are that pretending to have randomly discovered a product that you're actually selling yourself is a shithouse marketing tactic that won't fly around here.
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I find it disconcerting that a guy whos trying to sell his new guitar tuner product admits that his hearing is inaccurate.
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