I like the punchy electric bass, and the guitars, especially when you have multiple guitars at once. Drums are good too. Nice melodies & audio quality. Now I'm noticing the nice Mellotron-like keyboards. This would make a good backing track, though some good vocals would really make this shine. Good job! Please review my music at this link:

Very nice, just in terms of arrangement i'd love this if you started with something even more sparse maybe the bass line with the punch taken out of it, layer in some drones and slowly up the punch in the bass and wait a little longer to bring in the drums/guitar? Might give it even more of a cinematic feel and give the loud moments a little more weight. Really enjoyed it and to me it does feel like the climactic part of a much bigger story, great job.

have a listen to my ambient guitar, similar idea in some ways to yourself! https://soundcloud.com/niallcatney/tracks
thanks for your input.

Red Sky:
first thing that came to mind was the song by Andy Timmons called the prayer the answer. Your tune has a similar vibe, I'd check out the Andy Timmons song as I think you'd like it. what you have so far is good. It would be cool to hear these ideas extended out even more as this sounds more like the opening to a tune than a whole tune itself. Or maybe it could be the first song on an album. It powerful though and I rely like it. Keep it up. I tried doing something similar if you want to check that out as well.