Vocalist seeking band members- Kamelot like etc; Birmingham,UK - symphonic, power, melodic metal

As the title says I'm a vocalist and a songwriter in Birmingham, Uk. Did 2 years of singing classes in Italy.
ABout my voice, I'm the lowest of the female range, contralto but can take it and higher too.
I'm looking to join/ create from scratch a melodic power/symphonic metal band, main influences would be Kamelot, Conception, Seventh Wonder, Arrayan Path, Serenity, Ghost (a bit), even some jrock, Rhapsody, Avantasia, Black Fate, Dionysus, Delain, Xandria, Dream Theater, Myrath, and so on.
https://soundcloud.com/nana-cherry-264524371 with 2 recorded songs of mine, I love rock and roll - Joan Jett, and Jolee - Kamelot. Self recorded.
If you're interested or know someone, please contact me !!!
I'm very commited and want to go pro!
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Still looking for band members.
However if you're a guitarist, bass, drums or keyboard player (who's into melodic metal/power/symphonic) add me to create our band from scratch!
I don't get it what u sayd ))
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open, but what genre? As far as i've seen n your utube it's very  electro :/
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open, but what genre? As far as i've seen n your utube it's very  electro :/

LofiDoom, OceanGrunge, WitchHouse, BlackNoise, NecroMetal, BreakCore, RawBlack, HarshNoise/PowerNoise, Abstract, GlitchMetal, DarkAmbient, ElectroDrone/PowerAmbient, Experimental, ModernDada.
I do not know what Electro stands for ^^
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