So first off I'm using a 2007 Jackson DK2 MIJ and a Peavy Vypyr VIP 1. I keep trying to achieve Jake E Lees raw distorted sound from Badlands but I can't seem to get it. Any suggestions for amp models, stompboxes and EQ for the Vypyr. Whenever I try it just ends up sounding way to distorted to where I can hear the notes and way to bassy and when I get it to where it's not bassy and the notes ring perfectly It doesn't sound like there's enough distortion.
JCM 800 amp. overdrive in front. Jake didn't use a lot of distortion and his guitar toe is actually on the trebly side. keep in mind that the bass often doubles the guitar for a thicker sound so you aren't going to get that with just a guitar.
Well, maybe you can get closer if you "cheat" with an octave down pedal.
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When I play alone I will scoop the mids a bit and add more bass to fatten up the tone in the absence of a bass, of course to cut through in a band setting you will need the add back the mid and have enough highs.
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Try the Butcher and Budda SuperDrive18 amp models.
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So I'll try the butcher, I'm confused though should I add or take away bass and scoop the mids? I've been setting the gain about half way full